Scentsy Warmers – About Scentsy Wax luminous Warmers – Pros and cons

Scentsy makes what they call wickless candles. They are also called wax luminous warmers or wax tart warmers. Instead of using a flare, they use electricity. The heat needed to release aroma scentsy alabaster warmer comes from a small light bulb.

If you are thinking of purchasing one for your home, here are some pros and cons for you to consider.


Safe heat. The warmers get warm, but not hot. The tiny light bulb releases only enough heat to melt the wax tart. With it has been on for several hours, it is still safe to touch and hold with your hands. So, if you have little ones or pets, you won’t have to worry about them getting burned. Also, because it does not get too hot, it will not make a fire by tipping over.

Saves money. You end up saving money compared to using candles. The fragrant wax tart can be used over and over again until all the aroma is released.

Various styles. The warmers that Scentsy makes come in all styles and designs. They also make the warmers in several different sizes. They have medium size ones that are only 5 inches wide high and large ones that are 6 inches wide tall. For bathrooms, they also make the plug-in variety for bathrooms.

80 different scents. Scentsy offers 80 different fragrances for you to choose from.

Custom smell. Because you use squares of wax tart, you can mix and match squares from different scents to make your own custom smell to suit your likes.

Easy to switch. It is easy to switch to whatever smell you want just by tipping out the melted wax tart and placing new solid squares in. You don’t even have to turn it off to do that. Scentsy makes their warmers with a easily-removed dish that you can simply lift up.


Not essential oils. For those allergic to unnatural smells, then this probably wouldn’t work. The reason they don’t use essential oils is that they are expensive and they don’t last very long. But, because of this, if you are allergic to perfume, then this product is not a good choice for you.

Strong smell. If you are looking for a very faint smell, then it is not for you. Just one medium warmer will fill a 1, 200 rectangular foot home after just one hour! It can be somewhat overpowering. It will definitely overpower any other smells in your home.

So, review the previous list of pros and cons and compare it to your needs and what exactly you want for your home.

I keep a blog about Scentsy warmers [] and other brands. I also post smell recipes and is aware of new scents when they become available.

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