How Feng Shui Decoration With Colors Will Transform Your World

Feng shui does not only help with the aesthetically pleasing arrangement of objects in your home, but it also brings together important elements so that harmony and balance can be achieved. One of the key things to consider with your home feng shui decoration, is colors. Good feng shui colors have the ability to affect a persons emotional and physical state. Each color has a unique way of affecting a person and this is how 風水擺設 color can be applied in your space to enhance certain energies in your life.

Yin and Yang

When it comes to your home feng shui decoration and color, they can all be categorized under Yin or Yang colors. Generally, Yin feng shui colors are those which promote relaxation. Examples of such are Black, Purple, White and Blue. On the other hand, Yang colors are those which promote positivism and motivation. Examples of Yang colors are Orange, Yellow, Red and Brown.

Here we’ll dig a little deeper to find out more about home feng shui decoration with color, working together, and the variety of effects that it have on your life when using them in your home.

Black symbolizes money. This color is great with the wealth and career areas of your home and can also symbolize emotional protection.

White has the ability to exude purity and simplicity. It can also help brighten dark rooms, although a room which is painted all white can sometimes give off an isolated sense. White also symbolizes cleanliness.

Purple has a calming effect. This color usually gives off feelings of being protected and comfortable. It also inspires faith and trust. Again with this color, too rich of a shade might be too overpowering and suffocating so you might want to choose a lighter shade if you want to paint your walls with this color.

Blue has a calming effect which makes it a popular color choice for feng shui decoration of meditation or prayer rooms. Blue is very cool, calming and relaxing. In the scientific world, blue is believed to help with lowering a person’s blood pressure. Bedrooms which have blue as their main color theme can also be helpful in getting more sleep.

Green is full of energy. Since it is the color of nature, it can be very energetic but at the same time have a calming effect. If you want to bring in harmony to any room, this is the color that you should choose. If you are troubled and in need of a calming and refreshing touch, green is surely the way to go.

Yellow is considered as a happy color. It stimulates the brain so that a person can achieve clarity and good thinking. Yellow is also identified with logic and since it is very bright, it can bring energy to any room.

Orange, like yellow is also a joyful color. This color is great to use for feng shui decoration in your dining room because it can stimulate a persons appetite. This color also has the ability to signify being together so it is great for parties. This color also promotes good vibes and good communication.

Red is the primary color for passion. This is a color which has the ability to inspire movement and energy. This color is so powerful that it can be overwhelming to some people, so you might want to choose a lighter shade of red like pink. Just use red in rooms where there are lots of activities like your exercise room. Red also promotes sensuality so you should keep hints of it in your bedroom.

As you can see, feng shui decoration with color can be a very powerful combination for enhancing different areas of your life. It’s important to understand that just as feng shui colors represent emotions and promote certain actions, they also relate to important individual elements.

Using elements and feng shui colors that ‘clash’ leads to a destructive cycle which is something you really want to avoid. Understanding more about the five elements and their respective feng shui colors is the key to getting this process right and creating and environment for you and your family that’s literally thriving with harmonized, positive energy.

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