Gambling Establishments Negatively Affect More Then Just The Compulsive Gambler

At one point in time people welcomed the playing establishments assured that they would help revive their community, increase jobs and increase economic development. As each placed opened, it did just that. They created jobs, increased revenues for local businesses and created construction ihokibet jobs as they began to grow. It was a positive influence in the neighborhood, but as time went on more and more people began to spend their money on an opportunity win, the playing establishments grew and local businesses began to suffer.

People never realized the negative affect the playing establishments created because local people in politics supported these places. People were not given all the facts.

There are states that had the statistics, but still went ahead and welcomed the playing establishments with open arms.

The playing ling establishments attracted a large percentage of their employees from an estimated fifty distance radius negative imparting local business establishments.

The playing establishments are able to have better benefits and on an hourly basis wages then local businesses.

Communities hear that a thousand construction jobs have just been created due to the local playing establishment’s expansion. What people don’t realize is this new expansion once completed will take more jobs from our local businesses. One place grew so big they began to transport employees by bus that lives over fifty miles away.

No one ever took the time to realize that these places could not expand if people didn’t lose their money playing. These places are intestinal and leeches that have no concern for those lives and businesses they have destroyed.

The playing establishments are here to stay as long as local governments rely upon them for tax revenue. Once playing hits high incidence proportions where tax payers and businesses cannot make their tax payments nothing will ever change. It’s unfortunate the governments are playing a wait and see game before they will react.

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